Two of the most asked questions when it comes to bitcoin is: “Who accepts payments in Bitcoin?” and “Why is it so popular?” Very few merchants agree to be paid in bitcoin. Most businesses that accept it are on the internet. Some e-commerce sites, like Bitcoinstore, have even built their economic model on the bitcoin. The WordPress blog platform also accepts bitcoins. Folks can also use their bitcoins to buy pairs of alpaca socks. To this extent, the bitcoin can be used to buy and sell many items; It’s up to the consumer, however, to locate these items.

Where can people find and buy bitcoin with credit card? The Bitcoin can be exchanged worldwide, via any computer or smartphone, without any intermediary banking. Specialized stockbrokers are responsible for converting bitcoins into conventional currencies, including the euro and the dollar. The most widely used platforms are, or Bitcoin has enjoyed unprecedented success in China, where three Chinese platforms, Okcoin (43.1%), Huobi (33.3%), and btcchina (19.5%), accounted for 95% of world bitcoin volumes during the last 6 months of 2016. Some even speak of the bitcoin as a Chinese currency. While the reasons for this enthusiasm are numerous, the main ones are undoubtedly tied to the policies put forth by the Chinese government to control the exit of capital from Chinese nationals and the continuous decline of the Yuan for which it serves as protection. Indeed, since the end of 2016, the bitcoin continues to evolve in the reverse of the Chinese currency: it rises when the yuan falls.

What is the future of the bitcoin? Users and creators of bitcoins are currently engaged in online economic warfare. For the past two years, the two camps have clashed. The main disagreement concerns the modalities of improvement of the bitcoin system and the network to make it faster. Today, the network is able to process 300,000 transactions per day. This is not enough in the eyes of some. A group of protesters also includes several “mining pools”, companies that validate the transactions, which wants to launch the “Bitcoin Unlimited”, a new version that could well dethrone the original “Bitcoin Core”. However, the majority of mining pools still favor the latter.